Crowd Passion

Crowd Passion

A free agile development management tool. Lightweight, lightning to use and easy to learn. We’ve slimmed down to the features you’ll really need to use. Sign up or log in.

Crowd Passion is a free agile development management tool. It doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It’s lightweight, it’s quick to use, it’s easy to learn. It doesn’t have all the features jira does – it doesn’t need to, and who uses them anyway! You can sign up or log in here.

Who is Crowd Passion suitable for?

Small to medium scrum teams who want to:

  • Organise their sprints
  • Prioritise tasks and ideas
  • Keep their backlog tidy
  • Control their team, not their software
Post login dashboard:

About Crowd Passion

Crowd Passion is a free jira replacement. It’s quick, simple to use and easy to learn. It’s great for product owners and scrum masters who want to organise the scrum team their way – not the way their software tells them! Feel free to sign up, take a look around, and  see if it’s for you. If you need help you can read the user documentation.
List of tickets for a project:
Crowd Passion is a free lightweight alternative to jira. It is designed for scrum teams who want a lightweight alternative with low management overhead. It is good for teams who want a simple way to refine their backlog and plan what will be in their sprints. It allows the scrum team to assign tasks to individuals, to track their progress and close them when they are complete. It is designed to be as flexible as possible and actively has strayed away from enforcing how it should be used to put the scrum master and product owner back in control of how the team is run.

Who is behind Crowd Passion

Crowd Passion is run by a Vice President in a large financial services company. He has worked on everything from multi-billion pound financial services companies, multi million pound charities and million pound independent software vendors. With 20+ years experience in software development at all levels.
List of projects for a company:
Inside a ticket/idea

What features are planned?

The priorities for the project are, and always will be:
  • Stability of software
  • Speed of page load
  • Substance over style
The current functionality will allow scrum teams to build quality software on this platform. That said we do plan in future to add email integrations and a mobile app. We are always interested in hearing suggestions for new features – with the caveat that the tool remain quick, lightweight and easy to use.

Get Help

In due course, videos will be made. In the interim, there is user documentation,
In essence, the application works as follows:
  1. Register, and you will become the admin for your company
  2. Create your first project, and set some releases – or buckets for tickets
  3. Now your project is complete you can start adding ideas to your releases or backlog
  4. Mark those tickets as resolved or closed when they’re done!


We are in the process of identifying commercial partners to support corporate customers. Partners will be trained, certified and able to offer consulting services and support under the Crowd Passion name.

You can email rob[at]crowdpassion[dot]com if you want to learn more.